Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Policy

ReMarkets is a full-service, international resell and reverse logistics business focused on the mobile, IT, and electronics sectors. ReMarkets partners with the leading manufacturers, carriers, lessors, retailers, resellers, and large corporate accounts to manage their worldwide reverse logistics needs. With state of-the-art processing centers in North America ReMarkets serves as a single-source solution for its partners, offering the full range of reverse logistics capabilities, including takeback, collection, inventory, data sanitization, repair, harvesting, and resell, in a manner protecting the environment, workers health and safety, our clients and our community.


ReMarkets Certification Scopes:

R2v3 Scope: Downstream Vendor Management, Logical and Physical Sanitization, Testing and Repair of Electronic Equipment 

ISO 9001, ISO14001, and ISO45001 Scope: Sourcing, Refurbishing, Data Sanitization, and Resale of Electronics 



ReMarkets Locations:

Legal names and legal entities associated with the certifiable activities: Certification Status
ReMarkets LLC, 9800 Decker Ln, Austin, TX 78724 ISO9001; ISO14001;  ISO45001; R2v3:2020
ReMarkets LLC, 117000 N Lakeridge PKWY Ashland VA 23005 ISO9001; ISO14001;  ISO45001; R2v3:2020
ReMarkets LLC, (Tech Trade Partners) 1979 Wiesbrook Road Oswego Illinois 60543 Certification pending by Perry Johnson Registrars